The Authors Guild

Brand Icons

Jessica Weber Design, Inc.

Art Director
Tyler Bush

The Authors Guild supports working writers and protects the rights of authors. Realizing the need to update their logo to better represent the organization on social media platforms, they engaged our team to design new icons. They also needed a system for their affiliates, The Authors Guild Foundation and The Authors Registry, to be branded with their primary logo.

While exploring both visual symbols and typographic solutions, we created monogram icons with bars representing text, to reference the written word in both print and digital media. A new logo system was designed to allow flexibility, with horizontal and stacked logo lockups incorporating the icons, and we expanded their color palette as part of an updated brand style guide. To showcase the new visual identity, we also designed a donor brochure for The Authors Guild Foundation, the supporting and educational arm of The Authors Guild, with images of prominent authors/members.

  • Logo design
  • Brand style guide development
  • Digital Design
  • Editorial Design