The Brick Church School

Brand Discovery + Visual Identity

Jessica Weber Design, Inc.

Art Director
Tyler Bush

Joe Ellsworth

The Brick Church School is known for its outstanding early childhood education on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The school was founded in 1940 by The Brick Presbyterian Church. Today, the school welcomes children from all backgrounds and actively seeks to be a community that is diverse and inclusive in all aspects.

Realizing it was time to update their communications, Brick asked us to carry out an in-depth brand analysis to inform the school’s communications strategy. In partnership with our brand strategy consultant, we completed an audit of their existing communications, presented competitor benchmarking, held qualitative research interviews with selected members from targeted audiences, and facilitated a discovery session to define the institution’s brand position.

Our research resulted in a brand position statement succinctly stating the school’s purpose and unique promise, a new messaging platform and “elevator speech,” and tactical branding and communications recommendations.

Creative strategy revealed the need for a more joyful visual identity, which we carried out in a second phase. Our design directive for the new logo was to emphasize “Brick,” maintain the church spire, and convey the following words: early childhood education, joy, warmth, inclusiveness, diversity, and love of lifelong learning.

In addition to designing the new visual identity, we revamped Brick’s admissions materials to more accurately embody the school’s light, bright, and loving atmosphere.

Below is our proposed website redesign, utilizing the new visual identity system. Images of enchanting objects nod to their Reggio Emilia approach to self-guided and experiential learning.

  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Website prototype
  • Project management

I designed wireframes based on a mobile-first and responsive layout grid: