The Juilliard School

Admissions Viewbook

Jessica Weber Design, Inc.

Art Director
Jessica Weber

Tyler Bush

Jui Ishida

As Juilliard’s principal design firm for over two decades, JWD designed and produced viewbooks, course catalogs, development materials, newsletters, event invitations, and posters.

For this viewbook, we partnered with Juilliard’s communications and admissions directors to revisit audience perceptions of the highly-competitive school.

We presented preliminary design concepts to client-led focus groups, which informed our direction to emphasize Juilliard’s softer side, a nurturing and supportive community.

Initially designed for a shelf life of two years, the layout was so well-received that it was reproduced for two additional cycles (six years total) with refreshed covers and color palettes.

  • Editorial design
  • Art direction of photography
  • Illustration assignment
  • Photo editing
  • Print production
  • Project management