Temple Emanu-El

Special Event Materials

Jessica Weber Design, Inc.

Art Director
Tyler Bush

Victoria Fuks

To honor Rabbi David Posner’s 40 years of service, Temple Emanu-El organized a series of celebrations and asked us to design the events package and stationery.

I was inspired by the original Hildreth Meière mosaics adorning the walls behind the Temple’s bimah, where Rabbi Posner led his services for so many years. We created vector illustrations from the mosaics, using sections to create an event logo in copper-metallic ink and jewel tones.

The unique typeface originated from Temple Emanu-El’s archives. Hand-drawn letters had been manually reproduced for dedications on the Temple’s walls. As a discrete project, we repaired inconsistencies in the letterforms and digitized a complete typeface.

We designed the invitation and program for a special sabbath service for the entire congregation. A second, more elaborate design invited members to donate to a fund in his honor and attend a private presentation and reception at New York’s Mandarin Oriental.

  • Event branding
  • Invitation package design
  • Event program design
  • Print production
  • Project management