Alan Peckolick

Exhibition Design

Fales Library
New York University

Tyler Bush

I had the honor of designing the visual theme, promotional graphics, signage, and exhibit catalog for a retrospective of Alan Peckolick’s graphic design career at New York University’s Fales Library. It honored the addition of his work to their special collections, an archive preserving his work for future generations of designers and scholars.

Having worked closely with Mr. Peckolick for years (on hand lettering projects for logos and posters and customized typefaces), I learned his process of creating series of rough, and later, finished drawings. We would refine letterforms together using tracing paper and later digitize the selected tissues. This process inspired the idea for the exhibit’s design theme, while also referencing a golden age of graphic design when designers pasted layouts by hand. 

  • Creative concept
  • Editorial design
  • Print + signage production
  • Project management