American Museum of Natural History

Children’s Program + Event Graphics

Jessica Weber Design, Inc.

Art Director
Tyler Bush

Inspired by the movie that takes place in the same iconic museum, A Night at the Museum is a sleepover program where children enjoy a night of adventure and then settle down in sleeping bags beneath a 94-foot-long blue whale.

The educational fun begins with an exhilarating IMAX movie and a live animal exhibition. After the doors close and the lights dim, groups with chaperones explore with flashlights to solve museum quests, meet their human origins, and eventually find themselves in the Age of Dinosaurs beneath a 65-million-year-old T. rex.

The museum’s design brief called for a design to attract their target audience, 6–12 year-olds, an age group known to influence their parents in making decisions about family outings. We were asked to present both whale and dinosaur logos, which led to both options being used over time. 

The program’s success and longevity led us to design flyers and signage; and t‑shirts, patches, buttons, and other promotional items sold during the events and in the museum shop. 

  • Logo design
  • Event graphics
  • Vector illustration
  • Production coordination